Blather, Because.

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All right comrade bitches, it’s been a while since I’ve written to you. Everything’s fucked, fucked to shit, and we’re all careening toward it in godawful slow motion. Who could have fathomed a presidential election as fucking depressing as this one?

I mean, it wasn’t like we had a candidate with an approval rating to match his optimism, but no – Clinton had already redeemed her FLOTUS Card and got the entire party to carry her (and her privilege) to be crowned the presumptive candidate before a single other hopeful inserted themselves into the race.

Everything was stacked, and I don’t feel comfortable using the word “rigged” here – I prefer “jiggered,” with the potential residual accidental racism that the word unfortunately carries. But the pinball machine was definitely nudged and tilted, so to speak. We had one sincere chance to turn this country around, and that candidate had liberal, moderate, and conservative support, but fuck the most electable candidate – “We’ve got our Regent, all we need is the throne!”

If this hasn’t been the most cringeworthy “first” in our country’s recent history, it’s certainly in the top 3.

And is there any chance the Bill put Donald up to this, or at least pushed a thought into his head? Because if there’s any truth to that? We’re fucked as a nation. I mean, not materially, but we’ll be irretrievably broken at that point. All downhill from there.

Someone asked Gary Johnson who he would choose if a gun was put to his head. “I’d let it go off,” was his answer. I say “Amen.”

And then I say fuck you too, Gary Johnson.

And fuck you too, Jill Stein for trying to siphon up a movement that you had no part of making happen.

A pox on all your houses. May we live in interesting times.

The Obligatory First Post

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You are reading the first post. As with any first post, it is awkward and clumsy and painful to read, and yet it must be written. I’m actually wincing as I type these words, and I hope that you are at least feeling some sympathy pains as you read them.

Let’s hope it gets better from here.